Andorra Long Sleeve Jersey

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Tackle the trail confidently with Specialized's Andorra Long Sleeve Jersey. Made from durable, eco-friendly fabrics, it offers strength, breathability, and odour neutralisation. Designed for a relaxed fit with ample room for pads and armour.

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If you're tackling the trail with the throttle wide open you're bound to take a few spills—sorry it's just a fact of life. This however doesn't mean that your clothes need to be made out of stuffy military-grade canvas but they do need to be both durable and comfortable. With this in mind we sought to find the happy medium and did so with our Andorra Long Sleeve Jersey.

It's made from our venerable VaporRize™ fabrics only we used a knit construction for this jersey due to its strength and durability. This way you won't find yourself back here searching for a new jersey every time you take a tumble over the weekend. But just as importantly this fabric selection combines the aforementioned strength with breathability in an eco friendly fabric that is constructed with recycled S.Café® coffee yarns that wick away moisture dries fast and neutralizes odors so you won't feel clammy and hot while riding.

And as you were probably wondering this jersey features our Women's Mountain Bike Fit so it's purposefully designed to be relaxed airy with plenty of room for pads and light body armor.