Women's SL drirelease® Merino Jersey


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Introducing the Women's SL drirelease® Merino Jersey from Specialized. Enjoy the classic Merino look with high-performance features like odour resistance and moisture management. Designed with a Form Fit for women, it's comfortable and functional for daily rides.

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Who says that there's no room for Merino in a performance cycling jersey? Not us and if you need proof look no further than our Women's SL drirelease® Merino Jersey. It marries all of the performance features that you love about the SL line with the classic look and soft feel of Merino.

So what are the benefits of drirelease®? How about a natural ability to combat odor and microbial buildup all while managing & evaporating moisture like nobody's business? Yes Merino does all of this without the bat of an eyelash. Our drirelease® Merino however combines the natural hydrophilic (water-loving) wool fibers with a blend of hydrophobic (water-hating) synthetic fibers to push away and evaporate sweat at an even faster rate. On top of this the blend enhances the already soft feel of the wool ensuring that this will be one of the most comfortable jerseys in your closet.

Keeping with the SL line's performance theme we gave the SL our Form Fit that's specific to women so it'll feel like it's painted on and perfectly formed to your body. And lastly you'll find that it has all the features you need for daily riding like three rear pockets a zippered sweatproof pocket and a full-length front zipper.