Women's Trail Long Sleeve Jersey

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Discover the ideal trail jersey with Specialized's Trail Jerseys. Crafted from MiniR fabric, it keeps you cool and protected on rugged rides. Casual style ensures comfort on and off the mountain. UPF 50+ for sun protection.

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Finding the perfect trail jersey can be a challenge, but with our new Specialized Women's Trail Long Sleeve Jersey, we believe we have found the solution. This jersey is made with the innovative MiniR® fabric, which not only reflects the sun to keep you cool, but also offers durability for the demands of trail riding. But that's not all - we have taken care of the style as well. The casual design of this jersey ensures that you will feel comfortable both on the mountain and when stopping for a bite to eat afterwards. Whether you're a seasoned trail rider or just starting out, this Specialized Women's Trail Long Sleeve Jersey is the perfect choice. Stay cool, stylish, and comfortable on your next adventure.

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