Prey Trail Pants

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Discover the versatile Trail Pants from Specialized, offering style and protection for every rider. Made with durable VaporRize™ fabric for comfort and toughness. Laser perforated venting ensures heat dissipation. Perfect for trail or town.

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Calling all cycling enthusiasts! The Prey Trail Pants by Specialized are exactly what you need for your off-road adventures. Engineered from a cutting-edge VaporRize™ fabric, these trail pants not only provide superior durability but also ensure you stay comfortable even during long rides.

The robust woven construction of these pants offers unrivalled resilience - perfect for those unexpected tumbles on the trail. The beauty of these pants doesn't end there - they feature our unique laser perforated venting, expertly designed to dissipate heat while retaining the overall strength of the pants. This means regardless of the terrain or how hard you push yourself, these pants will hold up.

With a design focus on the rider, their fit is secured yet unrestrictive, offering plenty of room for padding without obstructing your mobility. They’re not just about practicality though - their stylish design means you’ll look the part, whether you’re shredding trails or simply out for a leisurely ride. Own the outdoors wearing the Prey Trail Pants by Specialized, your new favourite biking companion.

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