Gravity Pants

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Stay stylish & protected on the trails with Specialized Gravity Pants. Made with CORDURA® for extra durability & featuring laser perforated venting to keep you cool. Roomy enough for armor but slim-fitting for a comfortable ride.

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Have you ever heard of 'Gravity Pants'? If not, prepared to be dazzled by this unique product from the renowned brand, 'Specialized'. With a design that perfectly combines style and functionality, these cycling trousers embody the wearability and protection that every rider seeks.

Thoughtfully engineered with CORDURA® fabric, Gravity Pants are an emblem of robustness - poised to shield you in the unfavourable event of a crash. Fear not about those often unforeseen scuffs with the chain or saddle, as the sleek design ensures they aren't an issue, even while accommodating for your knee pads.

Speaking of knee pads, every biker knows how sweaty they can get. Well, Specialized has nipped that in the bud too! Gravity Pants feature laser-perforated venting, a clever solution to maintain your comfort while preventing excessive sweating.

So, whether you're hitting the trail with an adventurous spirit, or simply looking for a practical and stylish cycling accessory, the Gravity Pants could be just what you’re looking for!

Remember though, biking isn't just about the gear, but how you use it. So, gear up, and enjoy the ride!

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