S-Works 7

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Rocket Red/Candy Red



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The 'Specialized' S-Works 7 Cycling Shoe is the ultimate blend of performance and comfort. With an ultra-stiff Carbon sole for power transfer and luxurious details like Dyneema material, this shoe is designed for maximum efficiency and style. Shop now for the pinnacle of cycling shoe design!

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The shoe designed without compromise, taking the very best of performance shoe design, lightweight, supreme comfort, hyper efficient power transfer and the all important aesthetics.

At the heart of the improved power transfer is the improved power line Carbon sole, the team behind rider first engineering have created the stiffest sole yet. The padlock heel of the s-works 7 shoe maintains the exceptional foot holding you've come to expect from Specialized shoes. The incredible Dyneema material means there is no stretch in the upper material, with no foot wasted foot movement, maximum power is translated through the pedals increasing efficiency for you the rider.

Comfort has been a priority, with longer distances and time spent riding it was important to maintain the very highest levels, with Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and Metatarsal Button. Each one of these ergonomically designed and scientifically tested features is ustilised to best ustilise power, making efficiency a key priority and equally importantly, minimising the chance of injury. We wanted the shoe to feel like that of a luxury slipper (think a cycling cinderella) all the comfort you could hope for with the luxurious feel and finish of bonded seams not sewn making the S-Works 7 a true class leader. The super functional custom CNC'd alloy BOA dials allow supreme feel with 1mm adjustments, enabling you to custom tune your perfect fit.

The S-Works 7 is the pinnacle of our shoe design, an uncompromised approach where a cycling shoe has been created as close to perfect as we believe we can get.