S-Works Recon Shoes

From £220.00

Discover the ultimate off-road performance with Specialized's S-Works Recon shoes. Ideal for gravel, cyclocross, or XC racing, these shoes offer exceptional power transfer and comfort. Made with top-notch materials like Dyneema™ and equipped with innovative features like Padlock™ Heel and Body Geometry technology. Elevate your cycling game with these high-quality shoes.

If you're on the hunt for top-end cycling shoes that offer unmatched performance and superior off-road capabilities, the S-Works Recon shoes by Specialized are the ideal choice. Expertly designed for gravel, cyclocross, or XC racing, these shoes are all about maximising power transfer and ensuring your outputs are effectively translated to your pedal.

The soles of the S-Works Recon shoes are armed with a rubber toe and heel for unrivalled traction whilst off the bike, paired with pontoons crafted from hard TPU material for solid stability and efficient transfer of power. A standout feature is the use of space-grade Dyneema material in the upper part of the shoe - known for its ability to withstand stretch when under tension, this helps secure a perfect snug fit around your foot.

The unique Padlock Heel construction further assures superior comfort and effective heel hold, ensuring you that nothing goes waste during those intense racing moments.

Comfort is king with the S-Works Recon shoes, incorporating Body Geometry features like the Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and Metatarsal Button. These elements, designed and tested scientifically, boost power, optimise efficiency, and reduce the risk of injuries, enabling you to give your best performance with every ride. And it doesn't stop there - we've prioritized luxury with detailings such as bonded seams for a clean look and slipper-like comfort.

The CNC alloy Boa dials add a touch of glam while also providing precise micro-adjustments making sure the shoes fit you just right.

In essence, the S-Works Recon shoes from Specialized are the result of our comprehensive understanding of cycling footwear, crafting a pair that delivers explosive speed, unmatched comfort, and uncompromised performance. Experience the thrill of the ride like never before.

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