S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes

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Specialized S-Works Trivent shoes are engineered for top triathlon performance, with a Tri-Specific Drawbridge closure system and carbon sole. Designed for speed and comfort, they're the ultimate choice for your next race.

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The Specialized S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes are designed for the hardcore triathlon competitors who won't settle for anything less than peak performance. These shoes are packed with features that can shave precious seconds off your transition time, boosting your overall performance.

The unique Tri-Specific Drawbridge closure system is engineered for speed and ease during the transition phase. This innovative system keeps the heel of the shoe 'popped' open, prepped, and ready for swift entry. To top it off, the Launch Clip ensures your shoe is held at an optimal level for a rapid launch at the start of your race. When seconds can mean the difference between first and second place, these features prove indispensable.

But the special features don't stop at transition efficiency. Equipped with effective temperature-regulating construction, the S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes keep your feet at a comfortable temperature throughout your race, reducing distractions, and maximising performance. The stiff and efficient carbon sole offers a perfect balance between power transfer and comfort, delivering the kind of performance enhancement you need in high-stakes competitions.

The shoes also boast Specialized's Body Geometry ergonomics, which are scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury by optimising hip, knee, and foot alignment. With all these performance-enhancing features, the S-Works Trivent is more than just a shoe - it's your key to a winning race.

Take your triathlon performance to new heights with the Specialized S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes. One step closer to the top of the podium, one step closer to your personal best.

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