Torch 3.0 Road Shoes


Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoe offers top-end features at an affordable price. Boasting a mix of TPU, mesh, and synthetic leather, along with a FACT carbon fibre sole for optimal power transfer. Complete with Boa® S2-SV Snap dials for a precise fit.

Hit the road in style and speed with the exceptional Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoes. Renowned for its intelligent construction and innovative technology, these shoes will effortlessly power up your road cycling experience.

The Power Boost: The Torch 3.0 has been designed with the Body Geometry Methodology in focus. Understanding that the human body wasn't evolved to pedal, these shoes carry Varus Wedge, Longitudinal Arch, and Metatarsal Button patented technologies. The result - an unmatched increase in power, minimized foot collapse and misalignment, and avoidance of the traditional 'hot foot' affliction of cycling shoes. The scientifically tested and widely successful Body Geometry technology is your key to unlocking a more efficient and powerful ride.

Unbeatable Efficiency: Benefit from a lightweight unidirectional carbon plate that ensures uniform stiffness through the shoe. Optimising material usage for weight reduction, this carbon plate construction assures efficient power transfer akin to its S-Works equivalent. What's more, with the added rubber grips on the outsole, transitioning from pavement to clipping in, or stopping at a traffic light, becomes a smooth, utterly stable experience.

Premium Comfort: The Torch 3.0 masterfully combines stiffness and fit adjustments with a comfortable seamless upper. The shoe features high-quality Boa Li2 dials and a seamless TPU & mesh upper for that just-right fit. The Torch 3.0 isn't just about endurance and power; it's about efficient power transfer with a tailored comfort that makes every ride, your best ride.

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