S-Works EXOS Road Shoes


Weighing just 150 grams, Specialized S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes with a Boa® dial. Packed with features of S-Works range, still World Tour level quality, incredibly light. Benefit from advanced engineering for power transfer efficiency. Discover superior comfort with Body Geometry features for enhanced performance.

At a mere 150 grams, the S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes to ever come with a Boa® dial. And not only are they unbelievably light, but they still possess all the features synonymous with the S-Works label. They are still at that World Tour level, just ridiculously light.

To achieve the remarkable weight of 150 grams without compromising power transfer, we implemented every engineering feature we could think of. And when that wasn't enough, we devised even more. The carbon outsole was developed using an advanced form of Finite Element Analysis and pressure mapping to remove material where it wasn't necessary. This allowed us to maintain exceptional stiffness numbers. For the uppers, we completely eliminated the heel counter. With the assistance of the space-grade Dyneema® mesh and CubicTec reinforcement, the heel adeptly conforms to your foot, eliminating any wasted energy. Lastly, we developed a new Warp Sleeve vamp that eliminated the toe box, further reducing weight and enhancing comfort.

Of course, we wouldn't have been able to achieve all of the above without incorporating our coveted Body Geometry features, such as the Longitudinal Arch Varus Wedge and Metatarsal Button. Each of these features has been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to not only boost power, but also enhance efficiency and reduce the likelihood of injury.

The S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes to ever feature a Boa® dial—experience the sensation of weightlessness.