S-Works EXOS Road Shoes


At just 150 grams, Specialized S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes with a Boa® dial. Still packed with top-notch features, these world-class shoes offer unrivalled performance. Experience weightlessness with Specialized.

Put the pedal to the metal and experience the thrill of cycling like never before with the 'Specialized' S-Works EXOS Road Shoes. Tipping the scales at a feather-light 150 grams, these shoes redefine the standard for lightweight performance without compromising on the quality you've come to expect from the S-Works label.

In our quest to hit the perfect balance between weight and power transfer, we've packed these trailblazers full of innovative engineering techniques. The carbon outsole, constructed using cutting-edge Finite Element Analysis and pressure mapping technology, uses material only where necessary, ensuring nothing compromises your ride's stiffness.

The uppers, crafted with space-grade Dyneema mesh and CubicTec reinforcement, do away with the classic heel counter. This allows the heel to snugly fit to your foot, intelligently conforming to its shape, and eliminating any wasted energy. Accompanied by the newly-developed Warp Sleeve vamp that also removes the toe box, these shoes continue to trim the excess weight while enhancing your comfort.

Uniquely designed to boost power, enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of injury, these shoes incorporate our distinctive Body Geometry features. This includes the Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge and Metatarsal Button - all of which have been scientifically tested for optimal ergonomics and performance.

Whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, the S-Works EXOS shoes set a new standard for road cycling footwear. Elevate your cycling game and glide over the tarmac as though on air - with the lightest ever cycling shoes to feature a Boa® dial.

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