2FO Method Shoe


The Specialized 2FO Method shoe blends SlipNot™ grip with a canvas upper for style & performance. Worn by World Cup DH riders. Ideal for various types of riding.

The 2FO Method Shoe by Specialized perfectly unites style, comfort, and performance. Forge a new path with the unparalleled pedal grip of the SlipNot? compound, a proven component admired by champion riders around the globe?world-class athletes like Lo?c Bruni and Finn Iles trust it to lead them to World Cup DH podiums.

This low-profile shoe boasts a sleek canvas upper, offering style and durability. Whether you're hitting the trail, the pump track, or tackling jump lines, the 2FO Method Shoe is ready for any challenge. Off the bike, its casual, stylish design makes it ideal for any environment, from post-ride hangouts to city explorations.

So, whether you're an everyday commuter, a weekend warrior or an adrenaline-fueled downhill racer, the Specialized 2FO Method Shoe is the versatile choice designed to elevate your cycling experience with its ideal fusion of fashion, functionality, and fame.

Experience revolutionary comfort, robust performance, and uncompromising style?experience the 2FO Method Shoe.