Thermal Leg Warmers

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Stay warm on cold rides with Specialized Thermal Knee Warmers. These leg warmers provide extra insulation with light-tack grippers and bottom hem zippers for easy on/off. Made from 84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane.

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The 'Specialized' Thermal Leg Warmers are just what you need to combat the chilly weather on those long bike rides. These top-notch leg warmers provide exceptional warmth to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your journey.

Designed to be a convenient addition to your cycling gear, these thermal warmers easily fit into your pocket, making them perfect for those unpredictable weather days. Start your ride with them on, or pop them out when the temperatures drop.

As a standout product from the renowned 'Specialized' brand, these thermal leg warmers offer superior insulation, way beyond the regular seamless warmers. They are expertly crafted to keep the cold at bay, effectively protecting you from the harsh bite of wintry weather.

Whether you're a professional cyclist or just a leisurely rider, the 'Specialized' Thermal Leg Warmers are an essential accessory for anyone looking to keep their legs warm and muscles ready to conquer any trail, regardless of the weather conditions.

Do not let the cold stop you from enjoying your bike rides. Make the smart choice. Choose the 'Specialized' Thermal Leg Warmers - your perfect partner against the cold.

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