Roval Rapide Handlebars

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Specialized's Aero Rapide handlebars cut through wind with precision for optimal speed and comfort. Save 20+ seconds over 40km. Made of high-modulus carbon fiber, they weigh just 225g and offer innovative features. Available in sizes 38-44cm. System weight limit 275 lbs.

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Experience the ultimate control and comfort with the Roval Rapide Handlebars by Specialized. These state-of-the-art handlebars are designed to enhance your ride efficiency and speed by cutting through the wind with unparalleled ease. Tested exhaustively in our Win Tunnel, they promise a reduction in wind resistance, helping you shave those all-important seconds off your journey time.

Perfectly suited for both race days and daily rides, the Rapide handlebars are carefully crafted for maximum rider comfort. Their textured surface guarantees a secure grip even in wet conditions, enhancing safety on those rainy day rides. Moreover, the recessed step design allows the bar wrap to sit flush with the tops of the bars, maintaining a sleek profile while ensuring greater comfort.

One unique feature of these handlebars is their forward-offset airfoil - a clever design touch that provides extra clearance for your forearms and knees. This feature adds to your comfort level when riding at high intensities or over long distances.

Despite these impressive features, these handlebars never compromise on weight. Weighing in at just 225 grams, these are the lightest aero handlebars in their class! Experience the joy of effortless speed and comfort with the Roval Rapide Handlebars - the epitome of superior aerodynamic design.

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