Roval Rapide Cockpit

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Introducing Specialized's Rapide Cockpit, the fastest all-in-one aero bar designed for speed and performance. Engineered to save 4 watts versus traditional bars, made from premium carbon fibre for lightness and stiffness. Available in 15 combos for a perfect fit. Built with input from top riders and Retül fit experts. A winning edge for your ride.

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The all-new Rapide Cockpit from Specialized is more than just a way to reach the finish line quickly. It's our fastest leading edge yet, focusing on aero gains and shaving off four watts from the already quick two-piece Rapide Bar and Tarmac SL7 Stem. The Roval engineering team's goal was clear - the Rapide Cockpit had to be the fastest bar without compromises. It's aero, light, stiff, and designed in collaboration with top riders and our Retül fit experts to help you secure victory.**Key Features:**- **Aerodynamic:** Designed with a single airfoil to provide maximum advantage in clean air, from long solo breakaways to intense World Tour sprints.- **Light and Stiff:** 50 grams lighter than a two-piece combo, made from premium high-modulus carbon fiber for ideal stiffness suitable for the fastest sprinters.- **Fit:** Created with input from Retül fit professionals and top riders to offer 15 different stem and bar combos for a customized fit, ensuring comfort whether sprinting or in an aero position.**Compatibility Note:**If you are assembling your bike with the Rapide Cockpit, ensure you have at least 40mm of steerer tube above the last headset spacer for the cockpit to fit and function correctly.

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