Roval Control Cockpit

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For the racer seeking full integration in Components > Bars, the Specialized Roval Control SL Cockpit is a carbon fibre masterpiece. Designed for maximum XC performance, it offers lightweight, stiffness, and control. With customisable dimensions and titanium bolts, this cockpit ensures efficiency and comfort for every rider, from World Cup racers to local trail enthusiasts. Compatible with Roval computer mounts for added functionality.

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The Roval Control Cockpit by Specialized is an emblem of innovation, precision, and high performance. Its sleek design and advanced technology offers an unparalleled cycling experience for serious cross-country racers.

Expertly crafted with high-modulus carbon fiber, the Roval Control Cockpit is celebrated for its lightweight characteristics and stiffness. It effortlessly takes command, offering inimitable control and stability, even on the most challenging terrains.

The Roval Control Cockpit has taken a leap beyond standard designs by incorporating race-proven geometry that is trusted on World Cup events.

  • Working closely with the top-notch S-Racing Factory XC team, Roval has fine-tuned vital elements including the width, rise, extension and sweep of the cockpit. This meticulous attention to detail allows riders to maintain a dynamic position, ensuring efficient power output and superior control over precarious descents.
  • The Roval Control Cockpit is built for versatility. It's not exclusive to World Championship contenders; local trail enthusiasts will equally appreciate its high-grade features. With an array of four stem lengths, riders are provided with a highly customizable cockpit that guarantees a perfect fit for all.

Incorporate the Roval Control Cockpit into your bike setup and elevate your race performance to unprecedented heights.

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