Bearing Kit: 2005-06 Enduro FSR / SX / 2007-08 SX Trail


2005-06 Enduro FSR / SX / 2007-08 SX Trail


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For a complete service or rebuild, the Specialized bearing kit is essential for your bike. Find the compatible models and ensure to get the bolt kit part number: 9895-2010. Click Here for 2005-2006 Enduro FSR/SX, 2007-2008 SX Trail schematics.

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Experience the smoothest ride with the Specialized Bearing Kit. Specifically designed for 2005-2006 Enduro FSR / SX and 2007-2008 SX Trail models, this intricately-crafted kit assures peak performance, durability, and precision. Don't let a worn bearing disrupt your momentum.

Optimised for easy installation, the Specialized Bearing Kit significantly enhances ride comfort and the durability of your bike, ensuring that no terrain is too tough to tackle. Whether gearing up for competition or simply going on breath-taking bike rides, this kit is an indispensable component of every cycling enthusiast's toolkit.

Be sure to also secure a bolt kit part number: 9895-2010 for a comprehensive service or rebuild of your bike.

For further details related to schematics of the concerned models, consider clicking Here.

Riding is about precision and comfort, and the Specialized Bearing Kit will get you there for sure. Get your hands on this high-quality bearing kit and experience cycling like never before!

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