Bearing Kit: 2007-2010 Demo 7 / Demo 8 FSR


2007-2010 Demo 7 / Demo 8 FSR


One Size

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For a complete service or rebuild, pair with bolt kit part number 9897-5165. Explore 2007-2010 Demo 7/8 FSR schematics here. This bearing kit is compatible with various Specialized models in the Components > Bearings category.

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  • 2007 - Demo 7 I / Demo 7 II
  • 2008 - Demo 7 I / Demo 7 II / Demo 8 I / Demo 8 II
  • 2009 - Demo 7 I / Demo 8 I
  • 2010 - Demo 8 I / Demo 8 II FSR

Perfectly crafted by Specialized, one of the leading brands in the biking industry, this Bearing Kit is your solution to maintain the peak performance of your bike. The bearings are highly durable, promising long-term use without diminishing the quality of your ride.

The purpose of the Bearing Kit extends to providing stability for your wheels and improving pedalling efficiency. It significantly reduces the friction you experience during your ride, offering smoother steering action. Reliable and robust, this kit can withstand even the harshest biking conditions, helping to improve the longevity of your bike significantly.

If you're looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution to bike maintenance, this Bearing Kit is a must-have. Suitable across a variety of models, it could very well be the key to keeping your bike in the best possible condition, reducing wear and tear and keeping you on the path to more grate adventures!

Crafted with the quality and precision that typifies all Specialized products, this is an investment in your biking future that you won't regret!

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.