Bearing Kit: 2011-2013 Demo 8 FSR

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2011-2013 Demo 8 FSR


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For a full service/rebuild, the Specialized bearing kit is essential. Find the compatible models and get the bolt kit part number 9891-5275. Visit the 2011-2013 Demo 8 FSR schematics here. Great for Components > Bearings.

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Rejuvenate your ride with the Specialized Bearing Kit, designed specifically for the 2011-2013 Demo 8 FSR range. Adding this product to your bike ensures a buttery smooth ride and less wear and tear on your bike's components.

Whether you're servicing your bike or doing a complete rebuild, this bearing kit can be a significant addition. Just note that for a comprehensive overhaul, you'll also require the bolt kit with part number: 9891-5275.

To further assist with your servicing needs, we provide a detailed schematic for the 2011-2013 Demo 8 FSR Here. This diagram can be a handy guide during the repair or rebuild process.

Engineered by Specialized, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality cycling components, this bearing kit guarantees optimum performance and durability. Don't let your service standards drop - invest in the very best components to keep your machine running smoothly.

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