Bearing Kit: 2013-15 Camber

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2013 Camber / Camber Comp

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The Specialized bearing kit is essential for your bike rebuild. Excludes 2014/15 alloy models. Complete with bolt kit: 989E-5005. Keep your ride smooth!

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Improve the performance and longevity of your bike with this top-quality 'Bearing Kit: 2013-15 Camber' brought to you by renowned cycling brand, 'Specialized'. Engineered with precision to ensure an exceptional fit, these bearings enhance your ride by reducing friction and providing smoother motion.

Easy to install and replace, these robust bearings are designed to accommodate all models from 2013 to 2015, except the 2014/15 alloy models. This makes them versatile and ideal for a range of Specialized bikes.

To provide your bike with a complete service or rebuild, complement this bearing kit with our bolt kit, part number: 989E-5005. Working together, these kits will provide your bicycle with superior performance and durability.

With 'Specialized', you never need to compromise on quality or performance. Invest in your biking experience and switch to a smoother, more controlled ride with our 'Bearing Kit: 2013-15 Camber'.

Note: Bearing kit does not include bolts. Bolt kit sold separately.