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Designed for bolt-thru carbon frames, this Specialized derailleur is a perfect fit. View compatible frames on our site.

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Gear up for a smoother and more reliable ride with the premium-quality Specialized HGR MY15 Road Carbon Thru Axle Der Hanger. Perfectly designed to enhance the performance of your road bike, this essential component is apt for all cycling enthusiasts who wish to upgrade their biking experience.

This top-notch derailleur hanger is specifically designed for carbon frames with bolt-thru configurations. Not only does it offer an excellent fit, but it also ensures your derailleur functions impeccably, enhancing your gear shifting capabilities and overall ride efficiency.

Built with robust and durable materials, this premium derailleur hanger boasts a longer lifespan. It is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring you can enjoy lengthy rides without worrying about performance hiccups or the need for frequent replacements.

Designed with precision by Specialized, a trusted brand in the world of cycling, you can be assured of the component's high quality and optimal performance. So, take your road cycling adventures to newer heights with the HGR MY15 Road Carbon Thru Axle Der Hanger and experience the difference for yourself.

Check out the following link to view compatible frames: Click Here.

Whether you're an amateur cyclist or a professional racer, this derailleur hanger is a must-have bike component that promises to elevate your road cycling experience. Don't miss out on this unique offering from Specialized!

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