Turbo Vado/Como Battery




604 WH

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The Specialized Custom Li-Ion Turbo Vado Battery boasts a 604Wh capacity, suitable for all Turbo Vado models. Integrated into the frame, it is easily removable for charging and lockable for security.

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This is a custom Li-Ion Turbo Battery for the Vado and Como that has a 604Wh capacity that works with all Turbo Vado and Como models. It's fully integrated with the frame, removable for easy charging, and lockable for added security.

  • Battery features a 604Wh capacity.
  • Works with all Gen 1 Turbo Vado and Como models.
  • Lockable and down tube integrated.
  • Chargeable either on- or off-the-bike.
  • Includes LED power indicator.
  • Cover not included.
  • Ship to store only.
  • Only returnable through stores.

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.