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No more range anxiety with Specialized Turbo SL Range-Extender Battery. Adds up to 40 miles of power. 160Wh capacity for an extra hour of riding. Compatible with Turbo SL Bikes. Includes LED indicator. Order matching cable separately. Ship to store only.

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Say goodbye to battery anxiety with the Turbo SL Range-Extender Battery from Specialized. This compact and subtle addition gives you up to 40 additional miles (64km) of power, letting you ride further and climb easier. Enjoy your adventures without the worry of losing power too soon.

  • The battery's 160Wh capacity provides you with up to an additional hour of ride time, so you can extend your journey and explore new terrains.
  • Designed expressly for Turbo SL Bikes, the custom-fit ensures seamless integration with your existing set-up.
  • Keeping track of your power level is a breeze thanks to the convenient 3 LED charge-level indicator built in.
  • Note: The Range Extender comes with a Zee Cage and retention band. Be sure to order the compatible cable separately. The required lengths vary depending on the model of your bike.
  • To charge both the internal battery and the Range Extender simultaneously, please purchase the Turbo SL Y Charger Cable separately.
  • Please note, this product is available via ship-to-store only and can only be returned through stores.
So, make the most of your biking experience, power up with the Specialized SL Range-Extender Battery!

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