Turbo Presta Valve Tube with Talc

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Introducing Specialized Turbo Talc Tubes - the lightest, most supple inner tubes in our range. Expertly designed with a 4.8cm valve base to prevent tearing, reducing drag by up to 13% per wheel. Easy to install with 0.6mm thickness and 40g weight saving. Find yours today!

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The least expensive way to ditch 40+ grams of rotating weight is with our Turbo Talc Tubes. A patented, oversized 4.8cm valve base prevents tearing, while a partially threaded valve stem provides a clean interface with pumps. Our lightest and most supple tube offering, it's also been proven in rolling-resistance testing to reduce drag by as much as 13% per wheel.

  • Packed in talc for easier installation.
  • 4.8cm valve base prevents issues of valves tearing off.
  • Smooth at the top for easier pump head insertion and reduced wear on pump internals.
  • Thinner tube design saves approximately 40 grams of rotating weight.
  • Thickness: 0.6mm

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