Power Expert

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The Specialized Power Expert saddle offers superior performance, with a stiff carbon-reinforced shell and titanium rails. Designed for both men and women, it provides all-day comfort and efficiency. Available in various sizes, with lightweight PU padding and SWAT™-compatible mounts for storage.

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Experience the next level of cycling comfort with the 'Power Expert' by Specialized. Engineered with a firm, carbon-reinforced shell, this advanced saddle assures durability without adding unnecessary weight, thanks to its robust titanium rails.

One of the key features of the 'Power Expert' is its Body Geometry design. Expertly crafted, it accommodates both male and female riders, promoting optimised performance irrespective of your seating position - particularly in aggressive riding stances.

But the innovative features don't stop there. The saddle has undergone extensive blood flow testing and pressure mapping to ensure every ride is as comfortable as the last. With our Level Two PU padding, you can tackle even the longest routes without discomfort.

Further enhancing your comfort, the Power Expert is equipped with an exceptionally wide and elongated Body Geometry channel. Coupled with adequate sit bone support, this saddle ensures day-long comfort, making every cycling adventure an absolute pleasure.

This 'Power Expert' saddle is more than just a component; it's an upgrade for your bike, enhancing your performance, comfort, and enjoyment of every ride. Enjoy a better biking experience with the 'Power Expert' by Specialized.

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