Power Arc Expert

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The Specialized Power Arc Expert saddle offers comfort and performance with its curved design and ample sit bone support. Featuring hollow titanium rails and a stiff composite shell, it helps reduce pressure on soft tissue. Ideal for both men and women.

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Discover the new revolution in cycling comfort with the 'Specialized Power Arc Expert' saddle. The successor to our highly acclaimed original Power saddle, this new design incorporates the same channel length and hollow titanium rails for lightness and durability. Its innovative structure, with a stiff composite shell and supple Level Two PU padding, enhances your riding experience.

Designed to optimise the balance between comfort and performance, the Power Arc Expert saddle boasts a shape intended to provide extensive sit bone support. This is paired with a purposely shorter nose section to alleviate pressure on soft tissues during aggressive ride positions. We've even taken the notion of comfort further by incorporating an exceptionally wide and extended Body Geometry channel. This unique feature has been vigorously tested and approved through blood flow testing and pressure mapping to alleviate numbness and unnecessary pressure.

If you're a faithful follower of the original Power saddle, this saddle will feel familiar, yet noticeably more refined. This version displays a curved Body Geometry shape for a more custom fit to your body. The result? A feeling of being 'in the saddle' rather than 'on it', leading to heightened comfort and optimal performance in all seated positions - be you a man or woman.

Step up your cycling comfort with Specialized's Power Arc Expert saddle - your perfect partner for long rides and challenging trails.

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