Power Arc Pro Elaston

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Introducing the Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston saddle, built with titanium rails for performance. Designed with Body Geometry tech for comfort, Elaston foam, and FACT carbon shell. Available in 143mm (225g) and 155mm (228g) sizes for all riders.

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The latest innovation by Specialized, the Power Arc Pro Elaston draws on the successful design elements of its predecessors, but with the added advantage of lightweight titanium rails. Presenting a stiff, FACT carbon fibre shell and light EVA padding, this saddle is every cyclist's lifetime companion. Designed while keeping you at its heart, the Power Arc Pro Elaston showcases a curved Body Geometry shape that moulds neatly to your body contours. This promises the comfort of sitting 'in' the saddle rather than 'on' it, enhancing your performance during all seated positions on your ride. Taking comfort to an all-new level, we've incorporated an Elaston foam construction in the saddle. This consists of small, expanded beads in the foam, ingeniously replacing the traditional PU padding. Along with a cover material enriched with omnidirectional stretch properties, the Elaston creates a sensation akin to resting on 1,000 minute pillows, rather than a single layer of foam. Key Features:

  • Lab-tested Patented Body Geometry design ensures blood flow to sensitive arteries, for both men and women riders.
  • High-level Elaston foam provides unrivalled comfort and support while you go for longer rides.
  • A sturdy FACT carbon fibre shell, optimised for support and ride compliance.
  • Durable hollow titanium rails that are light in weight.
  • SWAT™-compatible mounts are moulded into the saddle base for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
Set yourself apart with the Power Arc Pro Elaston- designed for those who seek comfort without compromising on performance. It's not just a saddle; it's an upgrade to your cycling experience.

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