S-Works Power Arc

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The Specialized S-Works Power Arc saddle enhances the original model with a curved Body Geometry shape for superior comfort. Featuring a FACT carbon fiber shell and lightweight EVA padding, this saddle offers the perfect blend of weight and support. Lab-tested for both men and women, it ensures proper blood flow. Compatible with SWAT™ mounts for integrated storage. Available in two sizes: 143mm (141g) and 155mm (145g).

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Embark on a superior cycling experience with the Specialized S-Works Power Arc saddle. Building on the foundations of our popular S-Works Power saddle, this upgrade features all the beloved elements of the original product, enhanced with our cutting edge technology and design.

At the core is a durable and stiff FACT carbon fibre shell, accompanied by lightweight EVA padding for a comfortable ride. The distinctive shape accommodates ample sit bone support, while the short nose design ensures pressure relief in the sensitive areas during aggressive riding sessions. Enhanced further by an extra wide and long Body Geometry channel – a feature extensively verified through blood flow testing and pressure mapping – this saddle reduces numbness and discomfort, enhancing your journey's comfort and pleasure.

As principal connoisseurs of the original Power model, you'll find the familiar elements in the Power Arc design. However, this iteration introduces a refined, curved Body Geometry shape that harmonises with your body more ergonomically, ensuring you experience the sensation of being 'in the saddle', not just 'on' it.

Enjoy increased comfort, improved performance, and exceptional ride quality, whether you're a man or a woman. Embark on your riding journey with the Specialized S-Works Power Arc - a saddle that truly understands your needs.

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