S-Works Power with Mirror

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The Specialized S-Works Power with Mirror technology is a revolutionary saddle designed for ultimate comfort and performance. Innovative Mirror technology uses 3D printing to create a custom honeycomb structure for superior support. Featuring lightweight FACT carbon shell and rails, it's ideal for high performance. Body Geometry design ensures all-day comfort. Sizes: 143mm (190g) and 155mm (194g).

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Experience the unparalleled combination of comfort and performance with the cutting-edge 'S-Works Power with Mirror' by Specialized. Specifically designed to reflect your unyielding pursuit of the next exhilarating ride. Embrace the future with this latest innovation in cycling comfort, the result of our ongoing commitment to the Body Geometry ethos.

Moving beyond the confines of traditional foam technology, the S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror is a game changer. Harnessing a revolutionary 3D printing process with an innovative liquid polymer, Specialized has crafted a saddle designed in perfect harmony with your anatomy. This state-of-the-art process results in a complex honeycomb structure, enabling the saddle's density to be fine-tuned far beyond the capabilities of regular foam saddles.

Each saddle features a unique, patent-pending matrix of 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes that can be individually adjusted to deliver the ultimate riding experience. Paired with the proven flex-tuned FACT carbon shell and ultra-lightweight rails, the S-Works Power with Mirror offers superior performance and optimal weight distribution for enhanced ride comfort and efficiency.

In line with all Specialized products, the S-Works Power with Mirror stays true to our Body Geometry design principles. This ensures superior comfort throughout your ride, catered to your individual riding style and position. Discover the future of cycling comfort with the S-Works Power with Mirror.

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