Power Pro Elaston with MIMIC

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Specialized presents a revolutionary saddle solution for women with MIMIC technology. Designed for ultimate comfort with Body Geometry and Elaston foam construction. Lightweight, durable, and supportive for all-day riding. Available in 143mm (243g) and 155mm (245g) sizes.

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Experience a significant boost in your cycling comfort with the Power Pro Elaston saddle by Specialized, designed specifically with the needs of female cyclists in mind. We've used all our expertise to tackle one of the most troublesome issues in cycling - achieving the perfect saddle fit. With MIMIC technology, this saddle adapts to your body, providing the optimal level of support exactly where you need it.

Combining MIMIC technology with our Elaston foam construction is a game-changer. The foam features thousands of small beads, giving you the sensation of sitting on a cloud of mini pillows rather than a single slab of foam.

This saddle doesn't just prioritize comfort, but it ensures it with premium design characteristics that are synonymous with our Body Geometry design. A stiff yet responsive FACT carbon shell and hard-wearing titanium rails complete the robust features of this top-tier bike saddle. Ride in absolute comfort, however long the journey.

  • Our unique Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure optimum blood flow to sensitive areas.
  • MIMIC technology features multilayered materials to maintain balance and reduce swelling in soft tissues.
  • Elaston foam ensures unrivaled comfort and support on long rides.
  • Durable hollow titanium rails keep the weight down but the strength up.
  • The stiff FACT carbon fibre shell is fine-tuned for supportive and compliant ride comfort.
  • For the savvy cyclists, SWAT™-compatible mounts are moulded into the saddle base for sleek and integrated storage solutions.

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