Sitero Plus

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Introducing the Specialized Sitero Plus, the ultimate triathlon/time trial saddle designed with experts for aerodynamic comfort. With wide channel, level 3 padding, and SWAT® mounts for storage. Available in two sizes.

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Designed for ultimate performance and comfort, the Specialized Sitero Plus is the go-to saddle for aerodynamic time trial positions. Working closely with the top-tier fit specialists, doctors and engineers, this saddle offers a perfect fit that enhances comfort during long-distance rides.

The Sitero Plus features a wide channel and a progressive shape that adapts to your contours, ensuring comfortable rides even on the most challenging terrains. The Level 3 padding is optimised to offer the support your body needs, significantly reducing the strain on your muscles during long distance rides.

For superior adjustability and fit, the Sitero Plus offers multiple width options. This design feature allows riders to choose their perfect fit, enhancing ergonomics and ride efficiency. Outstandingly versatile, this saddle is perfect for both recreational and competitive cycling.

The saddle also features hollow Chromoly rails, offering a perfect balance of strength, performance and weight. These components are crafted to offer the durability and reliability you expect from a premium quality saddle.

Furthermore, the Sitero Plus comes with SWAT™ mounts. These attachments provide a streamlined storage solution for your ride essentials, ensuring you always have what you need within arm's reach.

Choose the Specialized Sitero Plus, and elevate your riding experience to the next level. High performance, comfort, and innovative features, all fused into a single, remarkable saddle.

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