Power Pro with Mirror

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The 'Specialized Power Pro with Mirror' saddle combines 20 years of research into a cutting-edge design for ultimate comfort and performance. Featuring Mirror technology for a tailored fit, it's durable, sustainable, and ready for any terrain. Choose eco-friendly innovation with this Body Geometry saddle.

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Introducing the Power Pro with Mirror - a saddle technology revolution by Specialized based on over two decades of Body Geometry research and development. This breakthrough in saddle design uses advanced 3D printing with a liquid polymer, generating an adaptable honeycomb structure known as Mirror technology. This innovative approach reflects your individual anatomy perfectly, ensuring comfort, power, and health in your unique riding position.

The Power Pro with Mirror boasts our popular Power shape, cherished globally, with its extra-wide and elongated Body Geometry channel. The saddle offers unprecedented comfort and protection with a patent-pending matrix that features 14,000 individually tunable struts and 7,799 nodes. Our Pro-level saddle is also environmentally conscious, featuring a carbon base created from reclaimed carbon fibre and titanium rails to extend the availability of Mirror technology to more riders and terrains.

As part of Specialized's commitment to environmental responsibility, the Power Pro saddle's carbon base uses reclaimed carbon from factory production combined with injected nylon. This approach to a more efficient, closed-loop production process reduces waste and lays the groundwork for more sustainable processes in the future.

Finally, with the Power Pro's titanium rails, the endurance of the Mirror technology is now even better - it’s robust enough for trail riding. So, whether you're on the road or hitting the trails, the Power Pro with Mirror ensures a comfortable and quick ride, perfectly reflecting you and your cycling passion.

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