Power Expert with Mirror

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Introducing the Specialized Power Expert With Mirror Saddle, featuring pioneering Mirror Technology. Designed for all terrains, it offers unparalleled comfort and performance. Ideal for road, mountain or gravel routes.

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Empower your Ride

Introducing the Specialized 'Power Expert with Mirror' - a marvel in saddle innovation. Experience extraordinary rides with Specialized's acclaimed Power shape, which is touted by riders worldwide for enhancing comfort during extensive biking jaunts and during high-stakes world tour races. The innovative Body Geometry design of the saddle is lab-certified to promote blood flow to sensitive areas, making it perfect for road and mountain biking.

Experience Mirror Technology

The 'Power Expert with Mirror' features ground-breaking Mirror technology that has been developed through sophisticated 3D printing technology. The saddle features a liquid polymer-based honeycomb structure, providing unrivalled density tuning capabilities unlike any other foam substance present in the market. It's a custom-made biking seat, designed to perfectly reflect and support your body contour.

Unparalleled Comfort

The 3D printed matrix of the 'Power Expert with Mirror' is precisely designed to support your sit bones across a larger area, creating a hammock-like effect to support your weight. The technology reduces pressure on your sit bones and alleviates blood flow loss, whilst the strategically placed 3D printed Mirror inserts provide additional comfort and support.

Defeat the Elements

Yes, the 'Power Expert with Mirror' is practically perfect for any terrain. The dirt-shedding 4-way stretch cover keeps the grime out, and the hollow titanium rails add to the saddle's durability and lightweight design, making it a perfect choice for gravel riders, mountain bikers, as well as road cyclists. Transform your riding experience with Specialized 'Power Expert with Mirror' today.

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