Romin EVO Pro with Mirror

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The Specialized Romin EVO Pro with Mirror saddle blends Body Geometry and Mirror technology for enhanced comfort and performance. Reduce pressure by 26% with a 3D printed pad, Ti rails, and reclaimed carbon fibre. Ideal for various riding styles and known for durability.

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  • The Romin EVO Pro with Mirror combines Specialized's Body Geometry methodology with the innovative Mirror saddle technology for exceptional performance and comfort.
  • Designed for riders seeking an aggressive performance position that still prioritises soft tissue and blood flow protection, reducing pressure by 26%.
  • PERFORMANCE MEETS COMFORT: The saddle features a 3D printed pad, a nylon and reclaimed carbon fiber shell, and hollow Ti rails.
  • Popular among professional athletes, the Romin EVO saddle's long shape relieves pressure in aggressive race-inspired positions while allowing riders to adjust for climbing or sprinting.
  • With Mirror technology reducing pressure by up to 26%, this saddle is validated through pressure mapping studies, offering 2 widths for a dialed fit.
  • BODY GEOMETRY AND MIRROR: Designed to address common saddle issues like sit bone pain, scar tissue build-up, and blood flow loss for both men and women.
  • Mirror technology with infinite density tuning provides support to sit bones, eliminating pressure on surrounding tissues due to its 3D-printed matrix.
  • DURABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY: Utilising reclaimed carbon fiber in the shell and hollow Ti rails make this saddle lightweight (243 grams) for road and XC riding, yet durable for gravel and trail riding.

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