Roval Control SL Seat Post


Matte Carbon/Gloss Black


30.9 x 415mm x 4mm Offset

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Get race-ready with the Specialized Control SL Seatpost. Weighing just 180g, it offers easy adjustment for optimal performance. Perfect for XC riding with a 30.9mm diameter and 415mm length. Ride fast and hassle-free with this high-performance seatpost.

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With the Specialized Roval Control SL Seat Post, take control of your ride like never before! Engineered for performance, this seat post is a proven asset for both casual and competitive cyclists.

Meticulously constructed to put you in an optimal position for high-output efforts, this state-of-the-art seat post is a game-changer. The 2-bolt system allows for straightforward adjustment, facilitating simple micro-alignments and placing you in the perfect attack position. Even with these enhanced features, the Roval Control SL seat post maintains a feather-light weight—just 180g—making it stellar for cross-country (XC) riding and racing.

Moreover, its 30.9mm post diameter and 415mm length make it an excellent match for modern XC bikes. With the Specialized Roval Control SL Seat Post in place, you will no longer have to worry about constant readjustments mid-ride. You can set your position, forget about the seat post, and channel all your focus into doing what you love most—riding with speed and efficiency.

Boost your cycling experience with the Specialized Roval Control SL Seat Post—it's not just a component, it's a gateway to unmatched performance!

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