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Big Roller

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The Specialized Big Roller tyre offers young riders the same advantages as adult bikes with wider tires for maximum traction and stability. Boost fun and confidence on any ride.

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  • The Big Roller tire from Specialized is perfect for young riders
  • Designed to provide the advantages of adult-size bikes
  • Wider tires offer maximum traction and stability in various riding conditions
  • Allows for more fun and better confidence for your little ones
  • Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

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    Verified Purchase | 2018-07-02 21:44:50

    Pretty much the only 24”x2.8 on the market.

    I think they’re designed to work on all terrain types - so don’t offer enough grip in deep mud or loose gravel. They wear very quickly too.

    Construction quality is good.