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Turbo Pro

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The Specialized Turbo Pro tyre for Components > Tyres offers competitive riders a fast, light, and tough option. With GRIPTON® compound, low rolling resistance, and superior traction, it ensures confident climbing and descending.

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The Turbo Pro tyre is a competitive clincher that utilizes many of the same features found in the S-Works version. After all, competitive riders need a fast, light and tough tyre, and the Turbo Pro is all three. With its flawless tread, supple casing and unrivalled GRIPTON® compound, it features extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction. Put it all together and you'll be climbing and descending with confidence and speed.

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Verified Purchase | 2019-04-30 22:37:59

Had these on for 1000 miles since got new Roubaix..good fast tyres but they are slippy in damp/wet conditions...good cornering grip in dry and wearing well too...