Hillbilly BLCK DMND 2Bliss Ready

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27.5/650b x 2.6

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The Specialized Hillbilly BLCK DMND 2Bliss Ready tyre is perfect for soft to intermediate terrain. Designed for changing soil conditions, it offers optimal performance with enhanced trail connectivity. With GRIPTON® compound for better ground attachment and BLCK DMND casing for durability, this tyre ensures maximum traction and stability for your front wheel.

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The Hillbilly BLCK DMND 2Bliss Ready tyre from Specialized is an excellent choice for the front tyre on courses with intermediate to soft terrain. It is specifically designed to provide optimal performance in changing soil conditions, with small blocks that easily penetrate the ground and enhance connectivity with the trail. The tyre also features small centre knobs that increase load on the ground, facilitating better surface penetration, while the shoulder knob row offers support during fast turns on any type of surface. The GRIPTON® compound used in this tyre delivers improved high frequency damping, allowing for better attachment to the ground over rough sections and small bumps. This compound ensures that low frequencies of rolling tyre deflections pass through without being absorbed, helping to maintain higher speeds. The BLCK DMND casing in this tyre strikes a perfect balance between suppleness and extreme pinch flat protection. Its design allows for maximum traction and conformity, while also providing stability and support for steering inputs. If you're looking for a reliable and high-performing tyre for your front wheel, the Hillbilly BLCK DMND 2Bliss Ready tyre is an ideal choice.

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