Nimbus 2 Armadillo Reflect

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The Specialized Nimbus 2 Armadillo Reflect tyre offers top-notch flat protection, enhanced grip, and faster rolling capabilities. Available in various widths to suit different bikes and riding preferences. Stay safe with bead-to-bead flat protection and reflective accents for increased visibility.

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The Nimbus 2 Armadillo Reflect tire features our very best flat protection an updated tread and compound that rolls even faster and more grip than ever before. It comes in many widths to accommodate different kinds of bikes riding styles and comfort levels so it's the perfect choice for riding on any road or bike path. And with our Armadillo's superlative bead-to-bead flat protection and reflective accents that'll increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions you get a much needed dose of that good ol' peace of mind.