Terra Pro 2Bliss Ready

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The Specialized Terra Pro 2Bliss Ready tyre is ideal for cyclocross enthusiasts seeking grip and speed in muddy conditions. With sharp deep knobs, GRIPTON® compound, and enhanced self-cleaning, it offers excellent acceleration, cornering grip, and steering control.

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The Terra Pro 2Bliss Ready is the tyre of choice for cyclocross purists as it is designed for grip and speed in muddy conditions. It has sharp-edged deep knobs in an aggressive pattern that carve into the ground. Centre knobs offer excellent steering and reduce rolling resistance, while transition knobs work like a paddle for quick acceleration. Tall shoulder knobs slice through the mud and provide superb cornering grip. There is enough distance between the knobs for enhanced self-cleaning. The Terra Pro features our GRIPTON® compound that stays soft and supple when the weather turns colder. Finally, this 2Bliss Ready version allows you to lower tyre pressure for better grip without worrying about pinch flats.

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