Hillbilly GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T7

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The Specialized Hillbilly GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready tyre is ideal for intermediate to soft terrains, offering superior grip and stability. The GRIPTON® compound enhances damping, connecting you to the trail for optimal speed. Specialized's new GRID TRAIL casing provides better handling, reduced pinch flats by 15%, and punctures by 30%.

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The Hillbilly GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready tyre is a great choice for using on the front of your bike when riding on courses with intermediate to soft terrain. The small blocks on the tyre's surface penetrate the ground, giving you a better connection to the trail when the soil changes from hard to soft. The small surface center knobs increase the load on the ground, helping with surface penetration, while the shoulder knob row provides support when making fast turns on any type of surface.Our GRIPTON® compound improves high frequency damping, effectively attaching the tyre to the ground over small bumps and rough sections. This also means that the low frequencies of the rolling tyre's deflections pass through unfiltered, allowing for optimal speed. The new GRID TRAIL casing is stiffer, resulting in better handling at lower pressures. It also provides an increased level of protection, reducing the likelihood of pinch flats by 15% and punctures by 30%. Please note that this product is categorized as 'Tyres' under the brand 'Specialized'.

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