Butcher Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready T9 Soil Searching

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The Specialized Butcher GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T9 tyre, with aggressive tread design, provides maximum traction in any condition. The GRID TRAIL casing offers better handling and protection. Get total traction and control with the high-dampening GRIPTON® T9 compound.

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Experience top-notch performance on the trails with the Butcher GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T9 by Specialized. This high-grade bike tyre boasts an aggressive tread design, battle-tested in World Cup conditions, ensuring utmost traction and control in diverse terrains. Thanks to the carefully designed centre tread blocks, your ride will benefit from maximised grip and precision steering, perfect for tackling challenging tracks.

Featured is the distinctive sawtooth faced shoulder knobs, which provide a relentless biting edge, ensuring you rail through even the tightest corners with smooth control. The GRID TRAIL casing of the tyre significantly enhances performance, offering better handling even at low pressures. This additional reinforcement boosts pinch flat protection by 15% and puncture protection by a remarkable 30%.

Another prominent feature is the state-of-the-art GRIPTON® T9 compound. With its high-damping ability, it rebounds slowly, ensuring maximum grip that essentially sticks to the ground, offering the ultimate traction and control you need to conquer difficult trails. Equip your bike with the Butcher GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T9, and get set for exceptional off-road biking performance.

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