Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Ready

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Introducing the Specialized Rhombus Pro tyre for gravel bikes. With aggressive tread for tough trails, it offers superior traction and comfort. Available in 700x42C and 700x47C sizes. Perfect for getting rowdy on your next ride.

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Introducing the Specialized Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Ready, a trailblazing bike tyre specifically designed to excel in all conditions. This aggressive tyre is perfectly suited for tearing through trails, offering unparalleled ride quality in the world of gravel biking.

With generous tyre clearance and remarkable capabilities, this bike tyre is able to tackle the toughest terrains without breaking a sweat. The Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Ready isn't just about durability and strength, but comfort and control too. Its design ensures firm and confident cornering, whilst its shock absorption ensures a smoother ride when traversing bumpy single tracks or loose gravel.

Engineered for thrill-seekers, the Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Ready is all about bringing out the rowdy in you. If you're ready to push your gravel bike to the limits, look no further: Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Ready is your perfect companion.

It's not just a tyre, it's your ticket to unexplored trails, off-road escapades, and adrenaline-fueled adventures. Are you ready to ride with the Specialized Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Ready?

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