Purgatory Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready T7

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Introducing the new Specialized Purgatory tyre. With large square lugs for traction and block-in-block knobs for a fast roll, it's perfect for any terrain. Customise with GRID or GRID Trail casing and T7 or T9 compound options for optimal performance.

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Take on the trails with the Purgatory Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready T7 from Specialized - your ultimate companion for both soft soil and hard-packed ground. Experience the versatility of our ingenious design, perfect for both rear and front of your bike, demonstrating its diverse adaptability to varying terrains.

The distinct large centre square lugs ensure secure traction on soft paths while upholding stability even on rocky terrains, assuring a comfortable ride regardless of the landscape ahead. Trust the block-in-block knobs to confidently continue their high-speed roll, adapting seamlessly to the undulating countryside under you. Off-road explorations are more assuring than ever, with ample grip that transcends across a wide variety of terrains.

Tailor your cycling adventure with Purgatory tyres that combine ideal casings and compounds to match your riding style. Opt for the Grid Casing for a lightweight, smooth ride that simultaneously guarantees protection along the sidewalls. For extra stability under rough conditions, the GRID Trail is your go-to option, providing comprehensive protection from the bead to the bead.

Pursuit of compounds just got easier with T7, a firmer rubber that balances unmatched grip, advantageous rolling speed and lasting durability. For those who navigate the rough with an uncompromising grip, our T9 compound, a blend that offers an exceptional degree of stickiness, is your ideal choice.

Set off on your favourite trails, signature tread pattern of Purgatory and the advantage of multiple casing and compound choices that ensure a superior ride. Elevate your cycling experience with Specialized, your trustworthy partner for the trails.

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