S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready T2/T5

From £55.00

Introducing the Specialized S-Works Turbo 2BR tyre; it combines tubeless race-day performance with durability for all-season riding. Featuring Gripton T2/T5 compounds for speed and grip, weighing just 260g, it seals punctures and boasts Blackbelt protection.Compatible with various rims for efficiency at all riding levels.

  • When tubeless performance on race day is mandatory but durability for rough roads all season is just as important, the S-Works 2BR delivers.
  • Featuring the all-new Gripton T2 compound for the fastest, most efficient performance, and legendary Gripton T5 compound on the shoulders.
  • The Turbo 2BR provides more grip, speed, and durability than ever before, making it six watts faster than the previous 2BR model.
  • With just 260 grams for a 26mm tire, it offers lightweight construction without compromising on performance.
  • As a tubeless tire, the new Turbo 2BR can self-seal punctures when used with RapidAir sealant, thanks to the Blackbelt protection delivering 8% more puncture resistance.
  • The hybrid-Kevlar Blackbelt offers improved puncture protection, lighter weight, and increased flexibility for a smoother ride.
  • Compatible with both hooked and hookless rims, providing flexibility in choice of wheels and pressure.
  • Zylon reinforced beads exceed hookless burst pressure standards by 200% for added safety and confidence.
  • Designed for efficiency, great handling, and incredible durability, the S-Works Turbo 2BR is suitable for all levels of riding, from the World Tour to local training routes.

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