Roval CLX 64 – Front

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Introducing Specialized's CLX 64 Wheelset, the fastest wheel ever tested, winning Gold at the 2016 UCI World Championships. Featuring 64mm depth for optimal speed, aero Flange hubs, and compatibility with 24C tyres. Hand-built with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and CeramicSpeed bearings for top quality. Perfect for reducing rolling resistance and maximising grip in corners. Buy today for a speedy ride!

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Push the boundaries of speed and performance with the Specialized Roval CLX 64 Front Wheel. Created with relentless precision and engineering, this cycling accessory is more than just a wheel - it’s a declaration of intent for those who will settle for nothing less than extraordinary in their pursuit of speed.

Why 64mm, you ask? The answer is simple: in a world where every millimetre counts, our meticulous testing found 64mm to be the king of speed for normal riding conditions. This revelation didn't come easy, but after two years of testing and nearly 300 hours of in-depth research in our in-house wind tunnel - we found our sweet spot. This 64mm design is even faster than its 80mm-plus counterparts yet it's almost 20mm shallower. What does this mean for you, the rider? You'll experience less side force and steering torque, and greater confidence even in gusty winds.

What's more, a shallower rim depth also means less weight. Shedding material without compromising on strength results in a wheel that's lively, responsive and easy to manoeuvre. Enthusiasts and pros alike will appreciate the noticeably less effort required when accelerating, decelerating or changing direction. But that's just part of the story.

At Specialized, we see the wheel as a system, not just a rim attached to parts. For flawless aerodynamics, we've developed our own Aero Flange hubs and paired them with DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes. Hand-built for unmatched accuracy, these components work together seamlessly for unrivalled performance.

We've also accounted for the growing trend towards wider tyres. The Roval CLX 64 perfectly accommodates modern-width 24c tyres, offering low aerodynamic drag, minimal rolling resistance and exceptional grip in the corners. For enhanced usability, the rim is also tubeless-ready.

The Roval CLX 64 Front Wheel is not just a wheel, it's a game-changer. From its painstakingly researched design to its top-quality build components, it’s our answer to those who seek not just blistering speed, but uncompromised, pure performance.

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