Roval CLX 64 – Rear

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Specialized's CLX 64 wheelset is the ultimate in speed and performance. Tested faster than its competitors, this wheel is lighter, with low inertia for effortless acceleration and direction changes. Aero Flange hubs enhance aerodynamics with ultra-small frontal aero, working in harmony with modern 24C tyres. Hand-built with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and CeramicSpeed bearings, this carbon clincher is top-quality and tubeless-ready. The rim profile, 20mm shallower than competitors, reduces side force and steering torque for a smoother, more confident ride. A premium choice for riders seeking the best in speed and handling.

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Meet the Roval CLX 64 Rear by Specialized - a wheel so indomitably fast, it has been gold stamped at the 2016 UCI World Championships.

Developed with speed in mind, it represents a fine balance between speed and performance. However, we did not stop with straight line speed. The Roval CLX 64 is the result of vehement testing, several design iterations and meticulous attention to detail.

Ever wondered why we chose 64mm for our depth? Based on extensive testing, this was found to be our fastest depth under standard riding conditions. Still skeptical? Our testing showed that our 64mm deep wheel outperformed the competition's 80mm deep wheels, providing less steering torque and side force, hence less buffeting in gusty weather.

The benefits of a shallower rim depth also include a significant weight reduction. The Roval CLX 64 being over a half-pound lighter, makes for easy acceleration, deceleration and directional changes. High inertia value wheels tend to feel 'slow', however, the lightness of our wheels provide you with the liveliness that you crave.

Apart from our rim, the Aero Flange (AF) hubs are designed in the Win Tunnel to compliment their aerodynamically efficient profile. These hubs offer an incredibly small frontal aero without sacrificing stiffness.

The wheelset comes with 24C tires harmoniously synchronized with the 21mm internal rim width, providing a seamless meet with the rim. This specific design provides additional benefits, reducing both aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance, not to mention exceptional grip on the corners. To add to this perfection, the rim is tubeless-ready.

To provide the highest quality performance, every CLX 64 wheel is hand-laced with DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes, housing CeramicSpeed's legendary bearings and DT 240 hub internals at the rear. Because at Specialized, we believe in perfection down to the minutest detail.

Experience the Roval CLX 64 and prepare to be amazed!

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