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The Specialized Roval 321 Disc wheel is a game-changer for triathlon races, offering exceptional speed and performance benefits. Made with high-quality carbon fibre, it is one of the lightest disc wheels available, providing quick acceleration and reducing fatigue. Designed for maximum efficiency and aerodynamics, this wheel features CeramicSpeed bearings and DT Swiss 240 hub internals. Get the edge in your race against the clock with the Roval 321 Disc.

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Making up approximately 50% of your total race time, the bike portion of a triathlon is where equipment choices can make the difference between first and fifth place. And when it comes to saving time, no other equipment choice is more beneficial than a disc wheel. The Roval 321 Disc for disc brakes, designed by Specialized, is a revolutionary wheel that defies traditional design to create the fastest wheel on the market.Disc wheels typically fall into two categories: a flat shape made with carbon fibre and a honeycomb-foam filling, or a spoked wheel covered with a carbon fibre shell. However, the Roval 321 Disc takes a different approach. It uses a single layer of 1k carbon fibre on each side of the wheel, coming together at the brake track bridge. This type of carbon fibre is rarely used in bicycle components due to its high manufacturing cost, but it offers exceptional performance benefits. It is lighter than other types of carbon fibre and provides a supple ride, making it one of the lightest disc wheels available. This translates to quick acceleration and reduced fatigue during races.Stiffness is often a topic of debate in the disc wheel world, but Specialized has discovered that efficiency and stiffness are not necessarily correlated. In fact, the initial design of the Roval 321 Disc was so stiff that it caused brake rub under power, giving the false impression of a flexy wheel. Specialized addressed this issue by designing an optimal aero shape and adjusting the internal stiffness to match the desired frame stiffness.While weight was a priority, aerodynamics took precedence in the development of the Roval 321 Disc. Specialized used extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and testing in the Win Tunnel to create a unique shape that enhances on-bike airflow. The non-drive-side of the wheel has an aerodynamic shape, optimized to work with a tire, while the drive-side shape is designed to be aerodynamic while accommodating for the wheel-dish and derailleur clearance.To maximize performance, the Roval 321 Disc features CeramicSpeed bearings and DT Swiss 240 hub internals. It is also 2Bliss Ready out of the box, meaning it is compatible with tubeless tires. Each wheel comes with a padded wheel bag, a quick-release skewer, and a tubeless valve stem.The Roval 321 Disc is engineered for the most uncompromising athletes, making it the most advanced disc wheel in the world for time trials and triathlons. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your race against the clock.

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