Traverse SL 29 6 Bolt XD - Rear

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Introducing Specialized Traverse SL Fattie 29 wheels - a lightweight, wide-profile, and enduro-ready carbon wheel for all-mountain biking. With a 30mm inner rim width, they provide added tire volume, better traction, and increased stiffness. Hand-built with quality DT Swiss Competition Race spokes, they are strong, impact-resistant, and lightweight. Perfect for tackling any trail.

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Introducing the Traverse SL 29 6 Bolt XD - Rear from 'Specialized', the dream carbon wheel for every mountain biker's needs. Finally, a trail wheel that bridges the gap between heavy-duty performance and lightweight agility for the ultimate biking experience.

Forget about creaky straight-pull spokes and corrosion-prone alloy nipples. Our redesigned hub carries 28 J-bend spokes, all of the same length, enhancing the wheel's stiffness and durability whilst ensuring easy replacement when needed. Moreover, the wider profile and higher flange bolster the wheel's overall strength, thereby improving your ride's power efficiency.

Curious about the 'Fattie' tag? Don't worry, we're not talking about fat bike rims here. With a 30mm inner rim width, our wheel offers improved grip and superior control without adding unnecessary weight. Together with larger tire volume, this new width allows the tires to perform better during hard cornering and offers greater traction on challenging trails.

We committed time and resources to determine the optimum rim width—designing a 30mm width which offers maximum benefits without the risk of diminishing returns. Consequently, the wider profile strengthens the rim, ensuring structural integrity even when faced with excessive force. The rim effectively channels the impact, reducing the risk of cracks and dents, allowing you to go harder and faster.

Enhancing the nimble performance of the wheel, we've employed the highest quality DT Swiss Competition Race spokes and proprietary hubs during the hand-building process. This ensures an efficient power transfer to the ground, letting you conquer challenging trails with minimal wasted effort. Inside the hubs, you'll find a snappy 54t DT Swiss star ratchet system for immediate power response when you need it the most.

The remarkably light Traverse SL 29 6 Bolt XD - Rear is an all-in-one package for riders desiring a perfect blend of strength, efficiency, and ride-enhancing capability in their mountain bike gear. An ideal choice no matter if you're tearing down enduro stages or exploring local rock gardens.

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