Roval Rapide CL II

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The Specialized Rapide CL II wheelset offers speed, efficiency, and stability in any conditions. Hand-built for reliability and performance, these wheels are designed for real-world race conditions. Featuring tubeless technology and aerodynamic design, these wheels are lightweight for optimal performance. Sold individually as front or rear.

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The Specialized Rapide CL II wheelset redefines performance on the open road, harnessing the speed, efficiency, and supreme handling of the celebrated Rapide CLX II range. Our unique tubeless-done-right technology is coupled with state-of-the-art rim design for unparalleled road performance that will leave competitors in your wake.

In crafting the Rapide CL II, we confronted the age-old challenge of crosswinds affecting deep-section front rims, which impact handling and speed. Our game-changing solution is a front rim designed with real-world rider reaction times and on-road testing in mind. The result is a significant 25% increase in stability during sudden wind gusts compared to our previous 50mm rims, while simultaneously reducing drag.

Every detail is meticulously engineered for peak performance on the rear wheel that is the last thing the wind encounters. With a depth of 60mm and external width of 30mm, the Rapide CL II rear rim limits turbulence, maximizing aerodynamic efficiency. The deeper section does not influence steering, ensuring exceptional handling remains consistent.

Hands-on craftsmanship in the assembly process extends from initial lay-up to final tensioning on the nipples. Assembled with the highly reputable DT Swiss 350 hubs, 36t Star Ractch, and Competition Race straight pull spokes, this model results in a finely-honed wheel system weighing a mere 1590 grams. We deliver a perfect balance of reliability, durability, and performance.

Embrace the undeniable advantages of a tubeless set-up with the Rapide CL II. Not only does it offer reduced rolling resistance, enhanced handling, and superior puncture protection, it also excels in terms of rigorous engineering standards and weight minimisation. The use of a hooked rim allows for secure tire bead retention and uncomplicated set-up for pressure up to 110psi.

This winning wheelset encapsulates the Specialized commitment to delivering high quality and impressive functionality. Choose the Rapide CL II wheelset for a game-changing cycling experience. Note: wheels sold individually (front or rear).

  • Rim Type: Carbon, tubeless-first clincher
  • Spoke Count: Front/Rear: 21/24
  • Rim: Rapide CLX Carbon Clincher, 700c, Disc Brake, Tubeless.
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss, Butted J-Bend
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Hub: DT Swiss 350 Straighpull Center Lock, Star Ratchet 36t internals (10 degs) , 100x12mm & 142x12mm, Shim. RD. 11SP HG freehub.
  • Front Hub: DT Swiss 350, Center Lock, Sealed Cartridge bearings
  • Bearing Type: DT Swiss Sealed Steel Cartridge Bearings.
  • Rear Hub: DT Swiss 350, Centerlock, Sealed Cartridge bearings, DT Swiss internals, HG Freehub, 142x12mm thru-axle compatible
  • No-Fault crash replacement policy. Lifetime warranty.
  • Nipple: DT Swiss Hex Prolock Al 2.0x14mm.
  • Handbuilt
  • Weight Front/Rear: 690g/844g (Avg w/o tape or valves)
  • Weight: Wheelset 1,590g, Front 725g, Rear 865g (including 15g, tubeless rim tape and tubeless valve).
  • Extras: Roval Rim Tape, Spare Spoke & Nipple Kit, System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg.

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Roval Warranty and Crash Replacement

We work obsessively to create wheels that make your ride better, but we don’t stop there. Because we know that **it happens (we’re riders, too), we have your back with a lifetime warranty and an amazing no-fault crash replacement policy.

- Register your Roval wheels to enjoy lifetime warranty.
- Crash or damage your wheels in the first 2 years?

Our **it Happens policy means we’ll repair or replace them, no questions asked.

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